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Check out these recent photos from our LIFE Project Our project name LIFE; Living In the Forest with Elephants represents all LIFE that surrounds the elephants we strive to protect, the people, the forest and all the wildlife dependent on this habitat. To book a trip E-mail ..
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A selection of photos from our 'Walking with Elements' Trips

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See happy elephants living in a natural environment To see a happy elephant behaving naturally you need to venture out of the cities and the most common tourist destinations to places where elephants live, and avoid any facility that advertises riding or elephants performing in shows. Thailand Our VERY own project in northern Thailand;  Walking with Elephants (Part of the Walking Elephants HOME initiative) Visit a Karen hill tribe community, trek and camp out in the forest and meet our four beautiful elephants. More details here;  Read More about Mahouts..
In memory of Somsri Mahouts Elephant Founded was founded and is now a UK registered charity. Why we are needed? Beautiful Somsri’s life was a story of servitude to human’s. Living a life of working daily, isolated from her own kind and living in short chains. Every thought and movement controlled by and endless stream of orders. She was an example of a life that many of Thailand’s elephants endure on a daily basis and in her memory we will bring about change. Our Goals To promote responsible and low impact tourism. To encourage tourists to only visit sanctuaries and projects that s..
About Us
Mahouts Foundation are a UK registered charity dedicated to improving welfare for captive Asian elephants, working in the tourism industry throughout Asia, with a particular focus on Thailand. We are founded by the Blaine family from Worcestershire, England - Sarah, Felix, Joe and Natasha - who are impassioned about the natural world and all animals. In 2008 we travelled to Thailand and part of this trip was spent at a volunteer project for working Elephants, which was to be an experience that would change our lives forever. We learned so much about Elephants working in the tourism indus..