Our Goals

Somsri in the bambooIn memory of Somsri Mahouts Elephant Founded was founded and is now a UK registered charity.

Why we are needed?

Beautiful Somsri’s life was a story of servitude to human’s. Living a life of working daily, isolated from her own kind and living in short chains. Every thought and movement controlled by and endless stream of orders. She was an example of a life that many of Thailand’s elephants endure on a daily basis and in her memory we will bring about change.

Our Goals

To promote responsible and low impact tourism. To encourage tourists to only visit sanctuaries and projects that share in our vision of the Elephants being at the heart of every decision to ensure they are treated with respect and kindness.

To develop an education programme to educate and raise awareness to the problems facing these Elephants. We want to raise awareness to all age groups and of course have a particular focus on tourists and tour companies.

To work with camps and Mahouts in tourist areas and beyond to develop models of responsible tourism that helps the Mahouts to develop and feel in control of their lives. To enable them to earn a decent wage whilst nurturing an understanding of the Elephants needs.

To assist with the development of projects; trying to make a difference by fundraising and assisting with new projects, such as building bathing areas for the Elephants, new buildings, providing medical care, purchasing land or anything else that is seen to help the Elephants.

To continue to fundraise for Boon Lott’s Elephant sanctuary, to help them achieve their goals towards the release project and the Star medical clinic and indeed any other projects they may have.

To assist in more rescues like Somsri. We feel there will be more Elephants just like her in the coming years who will need to find sanctuary and we will be there for them.

To work with the tourist industry, tourists themselves hold the power to change the situation and the welfare of these working Elephants. Through tour companies we aim to improve awareness to the suffering that continues just so each tourist can have a ride on an Elephants back or feed a baby Elephant. Working with key individuals and organisations we hope to bring about change.

To do our very best; we have amazing people helping us directly in this work and we will work alongside other organisations to achieve our goals.

Thank you for your support.