Visiting Holy Redeemer

Before we left for Thailand we returned to Joe and Natasha's primary school. They have been an incredible support for a few years now and are VERY proud to sponsor Mee Chok. They love having updates on his life at Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary - BLES and what he is getting up to. The school council sell toast once a week to the children in the school to raise funds for Mee Chok, they make enough now to sponsor him and are also starting to support a child in Africa. Their VERY talented art teacher Debbie has once again created a fabulous Mee Chok made from pieces of toast !!!!!!! Joe and Natasha helped to sell the toast and also had a question and answer session with the children on the school council all about elephants !! THANK YOU Holy Redeemer for ALL your support and see you next term smile emoticon xx

Posted by Sarah Blaine