Walking Elephants Home Daily Mirror Article

Walking Elephants Home Daily Mirror Article

We are beyong thrilled and VERY proud to have made FRONT PAGE of The Daily Mirror, with a two page spread inside.

Walking Elephants HOME was the hardest but most rewarding project to date, we walked over 130km through thick jungle, crossing rivers following beautiful elephant bottoms all the way HOME.

We couldnt have done this FIRST walk without our incredible team around us, part of that group was Jack Blanchard and Emily, they walked on through blisters and pain every single day with a HUGE smile on their faces. ALL the team kept us going even when it was really tough and we are SO very grateful to you all. Jack has written this beautiful account of the trek which also highlights the reasons we do this.

There are thousands of captive elephants living humiliating lives in isolation working in tourist camps. They survive on a very poor diet have totally inadequate exercise and are subject to pain and abuse through being forced to perform tricks.

Our elephants were the lucky ones as they came from a camp that has good welfare and has no show or chair riding, however their once restricted working life is now just a distant memory as they spend their days free to forage in the forests they can now call home. We are so grateful to Jack and The Daily Mail for placing this in such a high profile position so it raises maximum awareness for all the working elephants trapped in a relentless tourist industry.


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Posted by Sarah Blaine