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Please sponsor one of our beautiful elephants, you will receive;

Sponsorship CertificateWelcome Letter Photo of your chosen elephant by Asia's top wildlife photographer Peter Yuen. Quarterly Update.

Other updates when we have news to share.

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PLEASE NOTE; single donation will not receive a pack as this has to be a monthly or annual sponsorship. However we really do appreciate EVERY single donation and thank you for helping us to support these beautiful elehants to live in the forest.

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  • Sponsorship of Bai Fern.
    Bai Fern is just four years old and a beautiful and spirited young elephant. We walked her HOME with her Mum Thong Kam in August 2015 from a working life. She was born in the camp and had never walked so far and for such a long time. She had many exciting moments along the way and coped very well wi..
  • Sponsorship of Mario
    Stunning Mario is 5 years old. He is completely supported by Mahouts Elephant Foundation to live in the forest. He spends his days with other elephants being cared for by his surragate mother Thong Kam. He loves to have a good scrath on trees as he spends his days wandering through thick foliage ..
  • Sponsorship of Sunti
    Sunti meaning peace in Thai was born in the forest on November 28th 2015. His Mum Thong Kam was pregnant when we walked her HOME in August 2015. She was in a camp at the time so it was very imprtant to get her safely back to the forest. Sunti is an absolute joy and you cannot stop smiling when in hi..
  • Sponsorship of Thong Kam
    Thong Kam is the matriarch of our herd. We walked her HOME in August 2015 with her daughter Bai Fern from a life of work. She is now thriving in the forest and we could not be prouder of her. She is a WONDERFUL mother with the most caring nature. She is gentle and wise beyond her years. At 28 she ha..