Who we support


MAHOUTS is incedibly proud through the foundation to work with a range of other organisations and individuals to create projects that are making a significant difference to the lives of captive elephants. To read more about this work please follow www.mahouts.org

Thailand’s tradition of using elephants for logging came to an end in 1989 with a government ban on all logging. This put thousands of captive elephants and the mahouts who own them out of work. In desperation to earn a living the mahouts turned to tourism and begging with their elephants on the City’s streets as some of the many ways to earn a living.

The Asian elephant is an endangered species and Mahouts Elephant Foundation is proud to be a UK registered charity working to improve the lives of captive working elephants and also their mahouts. Both are forced into a cycle of abuse and poverty due to the demands of an ever greedy tourist industry.

The People & Communities - supporting fair trade.

Here at MAHOUTS we wish to invest in the future of the communities we work with.

We actively follow a fair trade model, always aiming to work on behalf of our producers to help them reach the market on the fairest possible terms.

Our producers can earn a decent fair living through their work.

We are very proud to be working closely with a silk producing family in the northeast of Thailand, the women in the village hand weave silk as they have done for generations. This region produces some of the finest silk in the world. Our silk range is then hand sewn by a very talented seamstress in Bangkok. Through working directly with her and the family a fair price can be negotiated for all.

We take part in as many Fair trade events as possible, supporting fair trade fortnight and beyond.

We help to organise an annual dragon boat race in Worcester to raise awareness for International Womens Day. As this falls in fair trade fortnight it’s a good opportunity to spread the word about fair trade at the same time !

We also visit schools in our area this year to talk about fair trade businesses and why this is so important.