Asian elephants have been at the centre of many large campaigns surrounding their lives in captive environments. However little is known about many aspects of their lives when living as semi wild in a large protected forest.

We are delighted to have formed a partnership with The Centre For Compasionate Conservation, this will enable us to invite students to watch and study our elepahnts lives in the forest, how far they travel, what they eat, the relationship with their mahouts and many other key questions.

We are working with the inspirational Dr Liv Baker and this is her quote for the collaboration;

"The Centre collaborates with animal welfare and conservation organisations to work towards improving the welfare and protection of wild animals. Thus, CfCC is delighted to begin a research collaboration with Mahouts Elephant Foundation. As it currently stands, there is a paucity of scientific research on Asian elephants.

A documented body of scientific literature will be crucial to inform future Asian elephant conservation and protection. The CfCC/MEF collaboration is exceptionally positioned to facilitate research regarding Asian elephants, and the mahout-elephant culture. We know that this research has the potential to improve the knowledge we use to improve the lives of elephants and the people that work with them.

This collaboration will create a competing model for ecotourism that supports an autonomous life for elephants, habitat conservation, and provides a dedicated income source for local mahouts and their families without compromising the welfare of elephants. To create a model of elephant conservation and ecotourism our long-term study will assess four key areas:

1) The transition of elephants from captivity to the forest.

2 ) The social behaviour and habitat use of transitioned elephants.

3) The relationship between local mahouts and the elephants.

4) Educational shift of ecotourists when presented with alternative" elephant-centric opportunities."

Thank you for supporting us in our work.

Study Abroad Program 


The Institute for Compassionate Conservation (ICC) in partnership with Mahouts Elephant Foundation (MEF) is excited to announce the launch of the field course program in Asian Elephant Compassionate Conservation. This program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for qualified students to study Asian elephants in their natural habitat in their range country.

Application deadline February15th 2018

Please follow the link for information:

Download: Information Leaflet

Download: Application Form

Posted by Sarah Blaine