Welcome to LIFE - Living In the Forest with Elephants
WELCOME to LIFE - Living In the Forest with Elephants;  I receive lots of emails and messages every day from all over the world. One day I received a message that would change the work of the foundation dramatically; it would also change the lives of many elephants and an entire community and quite possibly change the course of elephant tourism. The young man who sent the message is one of the most compassionate and gifted people I have met and the love he expresses in the desire to help his community and their elephants will stay with me forever. He watched for many years at the ca..
TV Documentary - CBBC
Thank you for watching the TV documentary that has been shown on CBBC as part of the “My Life” series. We felt it was important to talk about chains and hooks as they are shown in the program and we are aware that people will understandably ask questions. The elephants in the program are walking HOME back to live in the forest for the rest of their lives. We were joined by two elephants who helped to keep the youngest member of the group; Bai Fern calm and protected during the walk, this was the first time she had been out of the camp and no one knew how she would react. The two elephant..
Walking Elephants Home Daily Mirror Article
We are beyong thrilled and VERY proud to have made FRONT PAGE of The Daily Mirror, with a two page spread inside. Walking Elephants HOME was the hardest but most rewarding project to date, we walked over 130km through thick jungle, crossing rivers following beautiful elephant bottoms all the way HOME. We couldnt have done this FIRST walk without our incredible team around us, part of that group was Jack Blanchard and Emily, they walked on through blisters and pain every single day with a HUGE smile on their faces. ALL the team kept us going even when it was really tough and we are SO ver..
Catching up with the elephants
I have just returned from a follow up visit to find out how our three sponsored elephants are settling into their new life living out in the forest. I am finding it hard to express how proud and happy I am feeling after watching them for many hours in the substantial forest that is their home. As many of you know we spent part of our summer embarking on a huge challenge to walk two beautiful elephants back to their home in the forest surrounding the village where their owners, mahouts and families live. We have been working on this project for over a year now gently building up a relatio..
Elephants in the forest and village life
The past few weeks have without doubt been the most wonderful, inspiring, educational and emotional time we have ever had. We are all exhausted but thrilled to have completed the first phase of our new project; Walking Elephants Home, this new initiative came about last summer. Through our foundation we have always strived to work WITH others, we have forged relationships with other organizations and importantly with mahouts and their families. We had a deep desire to take this a step further and work with a community who has had elephants at the very heart of their every day life. This in tur..
Walking Elephants Home
In Thailand there are now estimated to be around 4,000 captive elephants. Most will be living their lives working in a tourist industry that often gives little consideration to the welfare of the elephant or mahout. We have spent many years developing relationships with not only those fortunate to be under the umbrella of sanctuary but also those working in the tourist camps. When we launched as a UK registered charity our driving force was to inspire real change to improve welfare for these elephants. Of course our dream would be to see ALL these elephants living wild or in a sanctuary enviro..
Before we left for Thailand we returned to Joe and Natasha's primary school. They have been an incredible support for a few years now and are VERY proud to sponsor Mee Chok. They love having updates on his life at Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary - BLES and what he is getting up to. The school council sell toast once a week to the children in the school to raise funds for Mee Chok, they make enough now to sponsor him and are also starting to support a child in Africa. Their VERY talented art teacher Debbie has once again created a fabulous Mee Chok made from pieces of toast !!!!!!! Joe and Natas..
Holy Redeemer School helping the Elephants
Holy Redeemer School in Pershore have been amazing since an assembly learning all about captive Asian Elephants working in the tourist industry in Thailand. The children were so moved to hear what was happen to the elephants they decided to adopt Mee Chok a young Elephant who now lives very happily at Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary. The school council raise money each week by selling elephant shaped toast which pays for the care of Mee Chok. What a lucky little Elephant to have so many children looking out for him!! You can read the full story on the Evesham Journal website. AN ..
Flu clinic fundraiser
Felix’s surgery are fundraising at their flu clinics. They have decided to raise funds for the Elephants and breast cancer support. We have lots of posters up and of course this is a great opportunity to raise awareness too. Thanks so much to Becky Forrest and everyone helping, you are all amazing! and sending a huge thank you to Becky as she made all these amazing cakes. The Elephant ones are so cute and Joe and Natasha tell me they tasted wonderful. There is another clinic coming up and then we will know the total raised. Well done and a huge Thank You to you all. ..
Researching Baby Elephants
In recent years, the demand for baby Elephants for the tourist industry has grown across Thailand. One of the key destinations where this industry has exploded is Phuket. Over the past few months we have been sent many upsetting photos and videos from tourists concerned about the conditions these babies are being kept in. I have also seen photos and videos that are now very prominent on the internet of “happy babies” on Thailand’s beaches. We decided to come down and research the situation for ourselves. What we have found has been so very upsetting and a harsh reality of just what a hug..