LIFE Mountain Adventure

We want to provide you with the unique opportunity to join us on a journey into the heart of a Karen community to experience LIFE on top of a mountain surrounded by pristine untouched cloud forest.


Following the announcement of LIFE, we have been able to provide guests with the unique opportunity observing the elephants we support to stay living in their natural habitat the forest. From time to time we are honoured with the incredible opportunity of watching wild elephants wandering through the dense forest living in harmony with the village and captive herd.

Mahouts Elephant Foundation is thrilled to be offering unique opportunities where you will be welcomed into the very center of a Karen hill tribe community. Residing in the heart of the village, you can see for yourself how your host families live and work; sharing stories and creating lifelong memories. Karen people are proud of their culture and happily demonstrate their traditional skills such as; weaving brightly coloured cloth and basket making with you.

Of course the highlight will be spending time with the elephants our project currently sponsors, who have been rescued from a life of work in trekking camps.

An Unforgettable Mountain Adventure

We want to provide you with the unique opportunity to join us on a journey into the heart of a Karen community to experience LIFE on top of a mountain surrounded by pristine untouched cloud forest. Depending on personal preferences your accommodation will either be with a homestay or in our guest lodge. Both options are comfortable and welcoming, providing you with a sense of community living. All accommodation is equip with bedding, mosquito nets and clean accessible bathrooms, all houses have Asian style squat toilets and all have traditional bucket showers – which are either refreshing or bracing depending on the time of year.

There is no shortage of stunning views or friendly faces smiling back at you.

We endeavour to create an experience for you that has very little to no impact on the forest or the elephants and one that will not easily be forgotten.

Sample Itinerary: 4 Days / 3 Nights


The Village is located near the city of Mae Sot. We reccomend you arrive to Mae Sot before 5 pm on the day before your stay with us. Mae Sot is a diverse and fascinating border town, with one of the best border markets in Thailand. You can stay at your chosen guesthouse or hotel and enjoy the Thai-Burmese fusion cuisine. Mae Sot is easy to get to by bus or flight.

DAY 1: Welcome to the Village

  • Wake up and enjoy breakfast in the town of Mae Sot..
  • After breakfast begin the beautiful 2 hour drive up into the cloud forest to the tiny Karen village perched on top of a mountain.
  • Arriving in the village you will be welcomed by the villagers and will begin your introduction to Karen culture by having a tour of the village.
  • After the tour learn how to weave traditional Karen fabrics with the women of the village.
  • Introductions to your host family will then take place, followed by a welcome dinner.

DAY 2: Elephants and Tree Nursery

  • Wake up and have breakfast with your host family.
  • Visit our very own tree nursery and be briefed on the purpose of the trees and the importance of preserving the elephant’s natural habitat.
  • Prepare yourself for a day out in the forest with the elephants, learning about the life of Karen elephants and their mahouts, taking with you some young trees from the tree nursery to plant in the forest on your way to finding the elephants.
  • Sit amongst the stunning untouched cloud forest observing the elephants living in the freedom of their forest home; enjoy lunch with the mahouts in the forest.
  • Walk back through the forest in search of seeds to be planted at the tree nursery.
  • Take some time to rest or wander the village before enjoying dinner with your host family.
  • Note: Tree’s cannot be grown in the forest during dry season

DAY 3: Day in the Life

  • Wake up early and learn the traditional skill of pounding rice with your host family.
  • Depending on the season visit the local organic rice fields and learn how to survive in the forest by foraging or visit the Coffee fields located under the canopy of the forest and learn about how coffee is grown in the region.
  • Return to the village and learn how to weave traditional Karen bamboo baskets with the men of the village.
  • Go to the temple and watch the sunset on your last evening with us over the mountains, with views as far as Myanmar.
  • Eat dinner altogether followed by a traditional Karen farewell party

DAY 4: Departure

  • Wake up and have final breakfast with host family
  • Say your goodbyes and depart the village

Prices (Overall cost per person)

Experience 1 – Mountain Adventure (4 days / 3 nights)
Number of people Cost per person Deposit per person Balance per person
1 person £380.00 £50.00 £330.00
2-3 people £300.00 £50.00 £250.00
4+ people £240.00 £50.00 £190.00
Transportation Costs: Round Trip
1 Person: £115 4 People: £57
2 People: £57 5 People: £46
3 People: £38 6 People: £38

Accomodation Choices

Joining us on one of our mountain adventures you are given an accommodation choice, we ask that you to choose the style of accommodation you wish to stay in prior to arrival;

Option 1 – Our guest lodge - £50.00 GBP Per person added to Program Fee

Our guest lodge has been built at the very top of the village, providing guests with the most incredible views over the village and out across the stunning forest and mountains.

The lodge is equip with comfortable beds, mosquito nets, a large communal area allowing you to soak up the surrounding views and a private bathroom with a western toilet and hot shower – this is a very foreign and luxurious concept within the village. While you will not be living with a host family, there will be a family allocated to cater for you during your stay, providing you with delicious traditional Karen dishes and hot drinks!

Option 2 – Stay with a homestay – Included in Basic Program Fee

Staying with a host family is both welcoming and comfortable. Placing you in the very heart of village life, leaving you with a real sense of community living. Each homestay is different, but all host stunning views and friendly smiling faces – all of which will be eager to learn more about you, your family and your country, making you feel right at home in no time. Your host family will provide you with bedding and a mosquito net. The Karen sleep on the floor and this is what is also provided for you, with the addition of a small mattress for additional comfort

Bathrooms are clean and accessible with Asian style squat toilets and traditional bucket showers – which are either refreshing or bracing depending on the time of year! Your host family will cook for you throughout the duration of your stay, providing you with delicious traditional Karen dishes and the opportunity to sit together and be a part of their incredibly unique and special way of life.

Please note;

Additional night’s stay can be arranged upon request and if there is availability.

Prices are in GBP sterling, please ask for a quote in a different currency if required. All prices are per person per trip.

Transportation costs are not included in overall costs per person.

We are able to source the most cost effective local transport which is fully insured, the location of our project is a 4 hour drive from Chiang Mai, through mountainous terrain on rural roads. We are particular with the drivers that we choose, ensuring that we are hiring people who are familiar and confident on the mountain roads, the village location is very rural and can be difficult to find. We provide an English-speaking guide for both journeys.

It is always best to take our transport, please ask any questions regarding this that you may have.


The deposit of £50 per person must be paid to the Mahouts Elephant Foundation at the time of booking.

The balance must be paid to Mahouts Elephant Foundation (agents for mahouts Elephants LTD Partnership ), at least eight weeks before the start date of the trip.

Groups are usually limited to a maximum of six people, for the well- being of the elephants, village and the forest.

Important Information

Things to remember:

  • The trips include walking through the forest in the heat so a reasonable level of tness is required.
  • We can tailor packages for larger groups or those that may want to change things around for their own needs.
  • We work with Mahouts Elephants LTD Partnership who have local insurance, but it is ESSENTIAL that you travel with your own personal travel insurance at all times.
  • The deposit will be taken for each person booking in, this is NON REFUNDABLE and will be paid to Mahouts Elephant Foundation, a UK registered charity. The rest of the payment must be made to Mahouts Elephant Foundation on behalf of our ground team with whom your ground arrangement contract is with and who will take care of you on your trip to the village.
  • Part of the money for your trip includes a donation to the elephant fund within the village. This is a vital income to help run a sustainable project to ensure ALL of their elephants are returned to the forest in the future.
  • Mahouts Elephant Foundation is a UK registered charity and we welcome all donations. We are supporting the elephants you are visiting and their mahouts to live in the forest and we need your help to continue this vital work.

What’s included in your trip with Mahouts Elephants LTD Partnership?

Mahouts Elephant Foundation are pleased to offer ground arrangements through a local company; Mahouts Elephants LTD Partnership.

Whilst all arrangements in Thailand are organised by our ground staff team, all other arrangements prior to the commencement of your trip will be organised by Mahouts Elephant Foundation.

  • Private transport to and from Mae Sot.
  • All meals included during your stay.
  • Home stay fee in the village.
  • Professional English-speaking guide.
  • Local guides and team fee.
  • National Park fee.
  • Donation for the elephant fund.
  Cold season Dry season Wet season
When to visit November - February March - May May - October
Average temperature 10-23 °C 24-31 °C 23-28 °C


To book a trip please email: or call: 07787 565302