LIFE - Overview

LIFE - Overview

Our project name LIFE; Living In the Forest with Elephants represents all LIFE that surrounds the elephants we strive to protect, the people, the forest and all the wildlife dependent on this habitat.

Mahouts Elephant Foundation is thrilled to be offering an opportunity where you will be welcomed into the very center of a Karen hill tribe community. Residing in the heart of the village, you can see for yourself how your host families live and work; sharing stories and creating lifelong memories. Karen people are proud of their ancient and fascinating culture and happily demonstrate their traditional skills such as; weaving brightly coloured cloth and basket making with you. Of course the highlight will be spending time with the elephants our project currently sponsors.

Mahouts Elephant Foundation are providing financial support to the Karen hill tribe mahouts, enabling them to remain in their village home, to look after their elephants with the highest welfare standards in the forest surrounding the village. We are passionate about the elephants staying as deep in this beautiful forest. The elephants are left to forage and wander freely, their mahouts will go to check on them throughout the week, to ensure they are safe and happy.

The trek out into the forest takes us on a journey through the elephants home, surrounded by beautiful old growth forest covered in moss and lush vegetation as far as the eye can see, native fauna are in abundance.

The mahouts are of course very experienced at living in the forest and they always take very good care of their guests. It is fascinating to watch the mahouts at home in their forest and using its resources to live off the land. The Karen hill tribe are generous, friendly and hospitable, but we still have English-speaking guides with us throughout the trip

To book a trip please email: or call: 07787 565302