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Mahouts Elephant Foundation supports 7 beautiful elephants to stay safely living in their forest home, at two different project sites; Walking with Elephants and LIFE.

Each elephant has their own unique story and personality. Take a moment to read about each of the beautiful elephants that are supported by Mahouts Elephant Foundation.

Sponsor an Elephant

When you become a sponsor, you will receive a welcome letter signed by Mahouts Elephant Foundation Co-Founder Sarah Blaine, a photograph of your chosen elephant taken by a professional wildlife photographer and a sponsor certificate. You will also receive exclusive quarterly sponsor updates on your chosen elephant and hold the knowledge that you have made a difference for your sponsored elephant.

By sponsoring one or more of our elephants, you will be contributing to providing for their daily needs - All funds go towards keeping the elephants in the forest and we cannot do this without your help. Each elephant requires a mahout and they need a salary each month – their role is demanding and requires extended periods out in the forest. We pay decent wages to ensure they are able to take care of their families.

Thank you so much for your support and sponsorship.


Location: Walking with Elephants Project

Age & Gender: 3 year old - Male

Sunti was born in the forest on November 28th 2015, he is one of the lucky ones having never known life outside of his forest home

Growing up in the forest with his elephant family around him, Sunti has gained vital foraging knowledge that he has learnt from his mother and the rest of the herd. This lifestyle has allowed him to develop into a strong and confident young bull

Sunti finds great pleasure in interacting and exploring his environment, swimming and playing in the rivers and wallowing in the mud. He is an absolute joy and you cannot stop smiling when in his presence.

Sunti’s name in Thai means peace; it is our dream that his life will always be filled with peace.

Bai Fern

Location: Walking with Elephants Project

Age & Gender: 6 year old - Female

Bai Fern is a beautiful and spirited young elephant. She was born in a camp and before joining the foundation in 2015 had never set foot in a forest.

She is now completely at home in the forest and confident with her surroundings. The forest provides Bai Fern with a rich and varied diet.

Bai Fern is the most independent of all the elephant’s funded by Mahouts Elephant Foundation. She happily forages in the forest for hours consuming a huge variety of plants, trees, roots and barks, having learnt about the forest from her mother Thong Kam.


Location: Walking with Elephants Project

Age & Gender: 9 year old - Male

Mario is a confident and cheeky young bull; he enjoys the company of and shares a special bond with his mahout and surrogate siblings Sunti and Bai Fern.

He is confident and completely at home in the mountain landscape, spending his days foraging on the abundance of dense foliage available to him in the forest.

Mario finds great joy in exploring his surroundings, immersing himself in the rivers, rolling and covering himself in mud and foraging within close proximity of the rest of the herd.

Thong Kam

Location: Walking with Elephants Project

Age & Gender: 30 year old - Female

Thong Kam is the matriarch of our Walking with Elephants herd, she is beautiful and strong.

Before returning HOME with daughter Bai Fern to join the foundation in 2015, Thong Kam spent much of her life working in elephant tourist camps, she has been with the same family her whole life and has been taken very good care of, which is reflected in her healthy appearance and calm manner. She is now thriving in the forest and we could not be prouder of her. She is a WONDERFUL mother with the most caring nature. She is gentle and wise beyond her years.

Her working days are now over and she spends her days living in the forest where she belongs, walking and foraging, dusting and bathing in rivers. She eats whatever she wants when she wants to and is able to make decisions for herself and those in her care once again.

Mokiju (Funny Leg)

Location: LIFE Project

Age & Gender: 35 year old - Female

Mokiju is the matriarch of the LIFE herd.

Her name in the Karen language means Funny Leg, this is because her left leg has a slight deformity. This does not impede on her life or her ability to move around her forest home.

Mokiju has spent her whole life living in a forest that stretches to over 90,000 acres and joins 3 national parks. Her owners have been determined to not allow her to leave to work in tourism.

She is a survivor thanks to her gentle and knowledgeable owners, she spends her life foraging happily and enjoying a completely natural life, she is often seen in the company of wild bulls who join the herd from time to time.

Mokimae (Funny Tail)

Location: LIFE Project

Age & Gender: 18 months old - Female

Mokimae is the daughter of Mokijue and is protected and safe thanks to the project and work of the foundation. Her name in the Karen language means Funny Tail, due to a unique kink in her tail.

She is the youngest elephant supported by the foundation and happily spends her days alongside her family, learning all the skills she needs to survive in the forest.

She is a gentle young elephant with a youthful adventurous spirit – the villagers believe that her father is a wild bull that roams the region from time to time.

Mobuba (Blessing)

Location: LIFE Project

Age & Gender: 11 Years old - Female

Mobuba is in her teens and is a strong and confident young elephant. Her name in the Karen language means blessing.

She is often seen leading the herd through the forest taking over from her Aunt Mokiju. She is very protective of Mokimae, keeping a close and watchful eye on her at all times.

Due to extreme poverty her mother was sadly sold into tourism but she is now safe in the forest thanks to the work of the foundation and the creation of the LIFE project.