Walking with Elephants

Walking With Elephants offers you a unique opportunity to watch Asian elephants living in a vast area of protected forest.

We take YOU to see the elephants in their natural habitat where you can watch them foraging for food, wallowing in mud and cooling down in beautiful streams and rivers. Our young elephants are VERY playful and our guests delight in watching them trunk wrestle and play.

You can enjoy a camping experience at one of our beautiful base camps and wake to the sounds of wild gibbons echoing through the forest or head back to the village after a day watching the elephants.

We will immerse you in Karen culture where you can learn foraging and cooking skills, watch and then try weaving colorful fabrics and also try basket weaving. Our mahouts are experts at making cups at pots from bamboo and will show you how they forage in the forest and cook incredible meals over the campfire.

The Karen Hill Tribe are generous, friendly and hospitable, but we will still have English speaking guides with us throughout the trip.

We believe that watching elephants living naturally in the forest is the ONLY way tourists should be with captive elephants. We always stand at a safe and respectful distance respecting the elephant’s need for space and dignity.  

To book a trip please email: sarah@mahouts.org or call: 07787 565302


Mahouts Elephant Foundation are proud to offer you an opportunity to visit a remote Karen Hill Tribe village to see elephants living deep in the forest.

Following our very successful WALK home we are now sponsoring four very lucky rescued elephants who are living in the beautiful conservation forest surrounding the village of Huay Pakoot in northern Thailand. We are also offering guests the opportunity to vist and spend time with the elephants. Having the opportunity to camp in the forest and to stay with a Karen Hill Tribe family, where you can experience their ancient and fascinating culture. Mahouts Elephant Foundation are thrilled to be offering the unique opportunity to be welcomed into a Karen Hill Tribe home. Residing in a ‘home stay’, you can see for yourself how your hosts live and work; sharing stories, foraging for vegetables and cooking and eating together. Villagers are also happy to demonstrate skills such as weaving brightly coloured cloth and basket making. Of course the highlight will be spending time with the four elephants our programme currently sponsors who were rescued from a life of work in a trekking camp.

Mahouts Elephant Foundation are providing financial support to the Karen Hill Tribe mahouts to enable them to remain in the village to look after their elephants, who live in the forest around the village. We are keen to keep the elephants as deep in this beautiful forest as possible. The elephants are left to forage and wander freely through the forest while their mahouts will trek out every day to check on them and ensure they don’t wander too far from their forest home.

The trek to the camp site is very beautiful with lots of wildlife, and different fauna and flora to be seen on the way, whilst the camp itself is idyllically located next to a river. The mahouts are of course very experienced at living and camping in the forest and they take good care of their guests. It is fascinating to watch the mahouts at home in the forest and using its resources to live off the land, like making cups and other useful items from bamboo.

The Karen Hill Tribe are generous, friendly and hospitable, but we will still have English‑speaking guides with us throughout the trip.

Camping in the forest for one or two nights allows you to have the best experience possible on the trek. However, if camping is a concern then day trips from the village can be arranged; although this would reduce the time spent with the elephants.

To book a trip please email: sarah@mahouts.org or call: 07787 565302