Walking with Elephants - Packages

Package options

Option 1: 4 days / 3 nights

Day 1

  • Pick up from your hotel in Chiang Mai at 8.30am.
  • Drive for 4 hours to Huay Pakoot village. Lunch will be provided along the way.
  • On arrival your host family will greet you and they will introduce you to Karen culture.
  • You will receive a briefing about the village and the project.
  • Later in the afternoon you can join your hosts to go foraging for vegetables and then join them in cooking traditional Karen dishes over an open fire in their home.
  • After dinner there will be an opportunity to take part in a welcome ceremony with your host family and meet and chat with elders from the village.

Day 2

  • After breakfast you will learn about Karen handicrafts.
  • You will have the opportunity to try cotton weaving to make a bag and bamboo weaving to make a basket.
  • Other activities are available depending on the season; such as joining the host family to help harvest rice at the paddy fields.
  • After dinner a briefing about camping in the forest.

Day 3

  • We set off on a 2 -3 hour trek through the forest to our camp site. Bags can be left here, you will then head out into the forest with the mahouts to find the elephants.
  • This will enable you to learn;
  • how to track elephants in the forest.
  • the behaviour of elephants living in the forest.
  • the benefits of free foraging for elephants.
  • the different types of vegetation they eat and why this is critical to their well-being.
  • The mahouts may go fishing in the river, this is fascinating to watch and join in with. They will then cook the fish inside bamboo over the fire.
  • We then camp overnight in the forest, hammocks and tents are provided (Please bring your own sleeping bag).

Day 4

  • The wildlife in this area of forest is breath taking, in the morning you will probably be woken with the sound of gibbons. We then wander down to the river and spend some time watching the wildlife.
  • After breakfast there is the option to trek again with the mahouts to find the elephants. Spend time watching them and then prepare to trek back to the village.
  • We will have lunch on our return to the village.
  • At 2pm we leave for the return trip to Chiang Mai
  • Arrive back in Chiang Mai at 6pm where you will be taken to your choice of hotel.
Camping is the BEST way to see the elephants in the forest however visiting them for one day is possible and would mean those who don’t want to camp out would be able to stay in the village every night. The duration of the full trip would be the same. If this is of interest please contact us for details.

Option 2: 5 days / 4 nights

Find out how to live in the forest in Karen tribe style. With the same schedule as option 1 but with an extra day spent with the Karen Hill tribe, learn how to catch fish and find food in the forest, how to use bamboo for many different things and more about the local flora and fauna.

Option 3: 3 days / 2 nights

If you dont like camping then this might be the trip for you. With all the experiences of option 1 but without camping in the forest, we will set off early in the morning and trek through the forest to spend a day with the elephants.

To book a trip please email: sarah@mahouts.org or call: 07787 565302